At 99X Technology, we are driven by our belief that software products must be built with a breathtaking UI, a time tested architecture, decoupled integrations, and user driven features. In achieving the same, we realized the important of 'continuous innovations and research'.
Reusable Frameworks
Our research engineers are constantly in search of ideas to make our project cycle times shorter. Over time we have identified common needs of products and formulated a set of technical and business frameworks that are reusable. Most of them are open source and we let our customers use these frameworks royalty free.
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Research Papers
As thought leaders in the industry we have conducted both scientific and engineering research, which resulted in a number of published research papers, useful surveys and reusable business and technical frameworks. Our research capitalizes on generating long-term value to the industry and to the community at large.
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University Collaboration
We work hand in hand with technical universities in the country. We help them to produce engineers with right attitude, competencies and passion. Often we organize skill development workshops for undergraduates either at their own university premises or at our corporate ‘inspirational zone’. Our research department constantly ideates final year project concepts for undergraduates and supervises throughout for proper results.
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