We have established the 99X Technology Foundation as a voluntary initiative to focus on the social and environmental responsibilities of each of us as a corporate citizen.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) philosophy focuses greatly on Community Development as opposed to Charity. We are largely focused on skills development programs, which in turn benefit the society as a whole. Each and every employee takes pride in making significant contributions towards company CSR initiatives.
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Wonderful Memories
Following are some reflections of recent CSR activities carried out by us:
Donation to IDPs
Sri Lanka’s recently concluded civil war has resulted in a large number of internally displaced people in the country’s North. The company contributes essential items via well-established donor agencies. The first phase was completed with the help of a leading Sri Lankan television station, TV Derana. The company donated mosquito nets for children, as well as mats and pillows to provide places to sleep, adult undergarments and children’s toys. The second phase included donations of milk powder and soap, all of which help while they begin the process of rebuilding their lives.
Plant a Tree - Help the Planet to be Carbon Free
Carbon emission due to human activity has already reached an unprecedented level all over the world. Today the average global temperature is increasing at a rate that was never observed before.

The Company calculated its predicted carbon emission for the next three years and planned to plant a substantial number of trees to absorb its total carbon footprint, making Company operations 100% carbon neutral. The company planted over 2000 trees by the end of 2010. This campaign was launched with the planting of 500 seedlings in Bandarawela, in central Sri Lanka.
Development of an Inventory Control System for the Ranaviru Sevana
Ranaviru Sevena, or the Shelter for War Heroes, is a welfare hospital run by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence. They are dedicated to caring for men and women who have been permanently disabled due to injuries received in the war, mainly loss of limbs, eyesight or mental well-being. For those who are able, vocational training is provided. Other services include physical therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, and Braille lessons.

The Company voluntarily developed an Inventory Control System to better manage the proceedings in Ranaviru Sevana.
eVillage in the Jungle
At 99X Technology, we believe in the active participation of technology in the road to development of a country. An extremely remote village in North-Western Sri Lanka, Mahavillachchiya offers a model.

The Company contributed to the project by donating computing equipment, as well as offering internships to 3 girls from the village for a period of 6 months.
Donation of Computers to Katawela Kanishta Vidyalaya
Katawela Kanishta Vidyalaya is a school in a remote village in North-Western Sri Lanka. Though most of the children come from a rural background, learning English and technology skills gives them a chance at a better education and future.

The Company donated a set of computers to build an IT Lab at the school, and we expect to continue the project by providing computer lessons to children so that they can learn to make the most of their opportunity, and contribute to the development of the village.
Meals for the School for the Institute for the Deaf & Blind
The Ceylon School for the Deaf & Blind, newly renamed The Institute for the Deaf & Blind, is located in Ratmalana, Sri Lanka. It is the leading school, and a home, to six hundred students who are hearing or sight impaired, offering hope for the differently-abled. The Company provides a meal for everyone at the school once a year as part of a continuous CSR project.
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