We build software products because it’s our passion. We are focused, because we understand product engineering is vastly different to bespoken application development.

We have a strong focus on the art and science of product engineering and our pride is to see your product winning the market place. We serve established as well as startup ISVs who seek a better outcome and not just software development.
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Our Attitude
For over a decade, we have made our share of early mistakes to gain the expertise, experience and knowledge we possess today. Today we use the best tools, reusable assets and lean processes with a strong belief in automation for productivity. For us, each product is unique and needs its own competitive advantage. Our people are well trained and experienced to adapt in creating uniquely valuable products for you.
Our Processes
Our product engineering services are designed to assist software product companies through all phases of a product lifecycle. These specialized processes are defined based on agile methodologies and conform to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27000 and CMMi standards. Using our processes we have successfully built and delivered over 100 software products from 6000 miles away for our European clients.
Our Goal
With the careful integration of our process with your organizational practices, we become an extended arm for your company, providing a variety of offshore product engineering services. This enables your company to seamlessly manage the full range of information and technology needs of your products effectively and efficiently.
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