We want to become the role model corporate, who revolutionizes software product engineering while being socially responsible. In achieving our mission, we believe our key success factor to be the excellent corporate culture we possess. In recruitments, we extensively evaluate attitude, passion and integrity of candidates against that of our culture. Below are some of the most respected values for us at 99X Technology:
Culture of Openness
We have a transparent and joyful environment that empowers openness. We are transparent both personally and organizationally and are not afraid of openly discussing our mistakes in order to learn fast. We respect diversity and promote harmonious balance between work and personal life.
Accepting Challenges
We take pride in pushing the limits of our capabilities. We accept every challenge and continuously challenge things we do in order to improve ourselves and the way we work. We are curious to learn from others and innovate upon. We don’t believe in a person who nods the head in agreement but, feels otherwise.
Delivering Excellence
Quality is the baseline for our engagements. We strive for excellence by exceeding customer expectations, making continuous improvements and fostering innovations. We do what is right as opposed to what is easy.
Being Responsible
We are a responsible and an ethical partner to all our stakeholders. We are intolerant of misbehaviors because we excel in doing what is right. We take ownership and honor our commitments. We are responsible corporate citizens, and give back a lot to society.
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