It is our talented professionals which makes everything possible for us. The personal integrity and the passion towards the excellence is our pride. At 99X Technology, our working environment comprises with world class infrastructure and cutting edge technologies. We are continuously motivated to discover our own identity in a digital social presence.

Our Culture
At 99X Technology, our dedicated work force benefits from our supportive and cooperative corporate culture. By fostering a sense of equality and mutual respect, we encourage the communication of innovative ideas. Criticism is seen as input that brings improvement, and good work is rewarded with increased opportunities for career advancement. Because we know all team-members take pride in their work, we can relax the regimentation and allow for flexibility. Our culture involves a harmonious balance of work, interpersonal relationships and building a better future, for ourselves and our clients.
Cutting Edge Technology
We believe in building innovative products for our discerning clients. Using the latest technology available, we develop next generation technology products. We stay on the leading edge of technology by encouraging independent thinking from our highly-qualified and well-trained staff. Their common interest in working with state-of-the-art tools to create something new, cultivates a team spirit that helps employees be their most inventive. Our clients come to us because they are looking for the right fit with a company that can accurately meet their needs, and they want the best and brightest on their side, creating products specifically for them.
Work Satisfaction
We believe in building products, not just writing code. That means that our employees see a project through, from customer engagement to implementation. Each person is part of a team that takes innovative ideas and uses creative problem solving to deliver what the clients are counting on a solution that fits their particular needs. In a productive environment that is both rewarding and enjoyable, each team member is a dynamic part of this full-cycle work, instilling them with a sense of ownership and pride in our products. This in turn allows us to provide our clients with quality service that exceeds their expectations.
Full Life Cycle Projects
Our staff is experienced in all phases of a project’s implementation, as well as in upgrading existing products to extend their functionality. We see our projects through their complete life cycles in a conception-to-completion experience. Beginning with a scoping workshop, we then detail specifications and identify the right architecture and design. After coding, testing services ensure that we deliver our professional quality products according to schedule. From a business solution to a global enterprise scale solution, 99X Technology can help any client from strategic planning to the successful implementation of fully-fledged enterprise systems.
European Working Experience
99X Technology works in corporate partnership with 99X, a company located in Scandinavia. All of our clients are based in Europe--from Norway, Sweden and Finland to Iceland, Ireland and the UK. Because of this, developers and project managers at 99X Technology have the opportunity to go abroad when the project requires. This gives our employees a tremendous amount of exposure and experience in developing software for the European market, which can only help to make us more capable of accurately delivering what the client wants and presenting projects that are in accordance with international standards.
99X Technology has the highest percentage of first class graduates in the industry. We target and consistently recruit gold medalists who are attracted to our ability to provide them with challenging work that promises international exposure. We also recognize talent and the maturity that experience provides, which is why we consider all of our employees high achievers. We’ve found that such people appreciate being treated with the respect that experts deserve, being part of a team that helps them to grow and improve, and creating something new that they know will make a difference in the way our clients run their successful businesses.
Senior Mentoring
Senior Mentoring is the management style that 99X Technology uses to build the next leaders and constantly improve the level of service we provide. Knowledge is shared openly, with the goal of helping each individual to build their skill set, thereby creating a more efficient and capable team. Our team leaders have advanced through this process and their experience has given them much to share, so they use what they’ve learned to help new members get to the next stage. By continuously advancing the level of our staff’s expertise, we enhance the standard of our products.
Equal Opportunities
99X Technology is an equal opportunity employer. We are guided by European standards of employment that keep our focus on the abilities and the achievements of each individual. Regardless of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or age, the principle of equal treatment is applied in regard to recruitment, employment and training activities. Merit is our criteria for compensation, advancement, and opportunities. We strive to maintain a working environment where respect for each person is encouraged, and differences are considered assets for the additional perspective they bring.
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