Internship 3.0
At 99X Technology, interns are treated no different to own employees. You will find it very much easy to jingle and mingle with our open culture. Writing white papers, conducting Technical discussions, playing role models, organizing our events enables interns to broaden their experiences.

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99X Technology Program - Internship 3.0

Wondering what Internship 3.0 is? Take a journey through history...
99X Technology Program - Internship 2.0
What Industry Expects from Interns?
When it comes to the industry, the expectations of companies and the ability of interns of delivering them is what matters. It's not just the technical knowledge but many other things such as the leadership abilities, communication skills etc. You will find it is important to have an understanding on what these expectations are.

What Industry Expects from Interns
This is what Interns tell about our program

Nimantha Baranasuriya
PhD student at School of Computing,
National University of Singapore.
Graduated from Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Moratuwa.
It's the 6 months I spent at 99X Technology as a trainee that made me come back once again to 99X Technology after I graduated. I learnt so much during my stay which I simply can not explain in words. The senior support is superb! Whenever I got stuck with the tasks that were given to me I could always rely on a senior team member to guide me through whilst teaching me what I did wrong and what one can do to prevent such problems. The culture is one of a kind which fosters lasting friendships and provides a fun environment to work in. The bottom line: if you didn't do your internship at 99X Technology, then you don't know what a proper internship is all about!!!

Helani Wanniarachchi
Undergraduate at Faculty of Information Technology,
University of Moratuwa.
I am highly satisfied about my internship since I had the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies as well as to participate in researches and tech talks. I highly appreciate the culture at 99X Technology where the interns are treated very supportively and given the freedom to make their own decisions on the work assigned. :) Thanks 99X Technology for offering me an incredible internship and I wish you all success!!!

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