Our Process
From the inception, we had a continuous thirst to experiment and improve our engineering processes. Over the last decade we had a rich journey through ‘plan driven’ to ‘change driven’ processes. Today we run a fine blend of management and technical processes that are lean and agile but, tuned for the unique needs of product engineering. We no longer believe in functional divisions but, operate as cohesive multi-talented teams focused on the end result i.e. user enlightenment. That’s why we adapt processes to meet our client needs and not vice versa. We conform to CMMi, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001 standards. Read about our process journey
Our Technology
We are deeply concerned about product engineering as the core; therefore the choice of language/platform generally is secondary. We believe we have succeeded primarily because of the skilled engineers, good teamwork and close collaboration we possess. We are neutral when it comes to technology but believe in using the right tools, open standards and smart integrations. We have a vast amount of experience in Microsoft, Java, Mobile and HTML5/JS technologies where our research teams may assist you to use niche technologies that suit your needs.
Our Quality
For us, quality assurance is not a different phase but, it is at the heart of our engineering practices. Our vast and diverse experience in product development and reengineering has helped us adopt strategies that provide maximum flexibility and higher quality. Our test engineers possess experience across various industries and technical platforms such as SaaS, Mobile, RIA, etc. We are passionate about our delivery quality and follow the best practices of agile quality assurance techniques. We use tools at multiple levels for example, for build integration, code analysis and test automation, etc.
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