Years ago we experienced the pain points of conventional outsourcing and were in continuous hunt for a better offshore engagement model. As a result we have pioneered modern sourcing strategies and we take pride of being an early starter of that journey.
Change Driven Model
In a fixed team approach, the customer has access to a dedicated fixed team, of preferred roles such as Project Manager/Scrum Master, Architect/Tech Lead, Developers, QA Engineers, Business Analysts/Proxy PO etc. In addition to that, these teams are continuously advised/supported by a senior core team that cuts across all 99X Technology projects. Customers have access to this core team on a request basis. Scrum is the preferred process for this model where the customer is able to evaluate team’s delivery capacity beforehand, for his/her planning needs. Under this model, most of our customers use the 99X Technology team as an extension to their own development teams.

This model is better suited for customers with in house software development competencies. When the project lifespan is long and when the requirement and technology complexities cannot be pre assessed, we recommend selecting this engagement model.

The fixed team project model enables the customers to have maximum flexibility in decision-making. As these projects are commonly of lengthy duration, therefore team members are able to experience close interactions with the customer making a better feel of belongings towards the customer. 99X Technology being a service provider primarily focused on ISVs, uses this model for most of our projects.
Plan Driven Model
A model more suited for short term projects (3-6 months) which can be very beneficial to customers who wants to outsource the entire project lifecycle to 99X Technology. With this approach the customer and 99X Technology ensure that a well defined set of requirements are available and the schedule is fixed before the project starts.

With the added advantage of getting an early look at the UI prototypes developed during the requirements elicitation phase, will let the team to be highly independent during implementation phases due to the already well defined scope.

Depending on the risks (scope, technology, domain) 99X Technology team may or may not agree to follow this model unless otherwise risks are mitigated with estimated buffering. If any requirement change occurs during implementation phase those are considered ‘change requests’ and estimations (schedule and cost) would be adjusted accordingly. Although the teams might select to work based on agile methods internally, customers will see structured CMMi based practices externally.
Build Operate and Transfer Model
We help prospective startup technology companies with an incubation model that will help them to startup their business. This model will help a startup company with our expertise such as management direction, timely advice and our proven software development methodologies/processes. Apart from the more expert areas, we provide the startups with HR management, financial management and office space. By following this model we let the startup to focus on the things that they know best while we take care of the rest and provide timely advice when they need it.

With this model the startups can leverage the time spent in incubation to analyze and strategize the business direction they wish to take while they actually engage in business. By doing this they can startup on their own when they feel they can and have the knowhow to do it.

We provide a platform for technology startups to convert their ideas to a successful business enterprise.
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