A framework is a proven reusable structure which accelerates software product development. 99X Technology Frameworks are a set of reusable software subsystems with a code base that can be easily integrated to any business application to provide value and functionalities in the areas of business intelligence, reporting searches and web portals. 99X Technology Frameworks have been designed by adapting and incorporating the advantages of both Bespoke and off-the-shelf software functionalities.

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Reporting Framework
99X Technology can help you generate compelling reports just by hooking into an existing database or by using the in-depth framework APIs to customize, extend and add reporting capability to your existing application. You don’t need to write a reporting module, just use what is already there, with an unmatched number of exciting features. Email based reports, asynchronous processing, enterprise report sharing, exporting and data drilldown are some of the basic features of the framework. All the features are provided in both web and windows desktop application environments.
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Business Inteligence Framework (BI)
Targets the higher management data visualization requirements with the BI framework. 100% SQL compliant data sources can be configured to render compelling dashboards. Centralized dashboard management gives total control for the authors of dashboards, while seamlessly integrating within existing applications using BI widgets. BI dashboards will aggregate data from various databases into one portal. Once again, customizability, extensibility and off-the-shelf features are the highlights of this framework.
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Search Framework
This innovative search framework operates on multi-realm databases which can be configured at deployment time with ease. Searches are performed on both structured and unstructured data while results are shown in multi-dimensional views called facets. The framework consists of the most demanded search features in the market with in-depth coverage of the selected features. In the search results, users will be able to walk-through the related entity visually while mining the data further. The framework is powered by a highly efficient index platform which can maintain multiple snapshots of indexes and operate side-by-side.
Portal Framework
Today’s businesses demand dynamic web content management which can be changed in a very short time. Modularized business processes inside the portal framework allow the end users and developers to be promptly in-line with their organization’s current business goals. A ready-made and proven set of web modules are available for every type of business domain portal. This framework enables you to use multiple portal flavors with one solution framework. The framework’s customizability and extensibility allows developer productivity to be increased drastically.
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