Design and Development of a Software Platform for a Suite of Products
Technology is in a never ending virtuous cycle with rapid changes. Products that does not adopt to the demanding needs will become legacy systems and will become useless and thrown away.

Re-engineering by re-evaluating the needs, carrying out researches with proof of concepts against new technologies, visualizing product road-maps, re-architecting and the implementation are required to be applied constantly over any product intended to span over a long life cycle. Products are required to be upgraded to new platforms in order to overcome the challenges of existing technologies becoming obsolete.

The factors of scalability, performance, security, maintainability with backward compatibility and the integration with social intelligence have to be taken into consideration for any product migration.

The cost and the time it takes to the entire process of platform migration could not be neglected at all. A team who knows Business Dynamics always choose a cost effective solution with a faster time to market.
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