Windows Azure Cloud Services for Web and Mobile based Frontends
Products are required to handle large volumes of data by consuming extensive computing resources. The solutions based on traditional hosting environments are no longer capable and deployment on cloud has become the norm when scalability on demand is considered.

The minimal set of hardware required for the deployment and having a low overhead for the configuring are the demanding factors for every product to be deployed on the Cloud. Maintaining redundant hardware to handle occasional peak loads is no longer required when products are enabled for clouds. The costing model of pay-per-use under subscription based, consumption based has made the cloud extremely popular among the Enterprises and ISVs (medium and small).

Cloud enablement may not be applicable for all the products. In particular, moving a line-of-business application tightly integrated with the local IT infrastructure (Active Directory, mail servers, local data storages, etc.) to the cloud may seem like technically complicated and may expose the risk of failures. The expertise on cloud product engineering can take your products to the next stage by connecting local resources with the cloud.
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