The path we have been walking

The purpose of Software Product Engineering is to consistently perform well-defined software engineering activities to produce quality software in a timely manner.

Our passion is to make the above a constant reality. We do this by helping our customers who are mainly Global ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) to take advantage of the global differences in economics and availability of competent resources. We have a proven track record of empowering customers in building cooler, better and faster Software products.

We strive for excellence by making continuous improvements and fostering innovations. We have built a culture of openness that allows us to attract the best and the brightest talent and we focus on hiring engineers, not just programmers.

Our values are firmly grounded on integrity, diversity, responsibility with a passion for technology and quality as we strive to build an organization that is valued and admired. We are a responsible and ethical partner to all our stakeholders. We want our employees to be responsible, corporate citizens who give back to the society.

We take pride in delivering our promise, we value each partnership and take delight in accepting every challenge that comes our way.

I invite you to experience our people and our passion.

Best Regards,

Mano Sekaram
CEO & Co- Founder
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